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- You should think it over that you would like to do the in- and out packing or our colleague should do it.

- In advence you should consult with your neighbours about the useing of the elevator under the moving.

- That is an advantage, if you reserve for our truck 2-3 car's park place in both 2 addresses.

- If there are fragile values in the boxes you should mark it on the boxes.

- It is worth to pack the fragile items in newspaper, before place them in the box.

- Should be taken out your clothes, papers, decorative objects from cuopboard and you should stuck wardrobe's door with adhesive tape.

- Easy things (clothes, blankets, etc) wrap into a large box or bag.

- You should strongly seal the boxes to avoid unwanted opening during the transporting

- Small plans should be placed into a boksz to avoid any injury during the transport.

- You should put the heavy books, objects into the small boksz. to make the moving of it easier.

- An advantage, if there are two people under the moving, who can help us (to show what to move, to guard the truck).

- If necesary you should call specalist person who can disassemble the household appliances and electronic goods.

- Technical articles if possible pack into it's own box.

- Bagged, boxed items should be marked as to show which room it goes to.

- Your documents,value (jewelry, cash) is proposed put into in a separate bag.

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